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Tired of your typical flat Gloss Laminate? Now, through SculptedUV™ technology, control the depth, surface levels and placement in a dimensional finish resulting in astonishing texture and realism in your print! View by Touching. Achieve Sculpted UV™ finish with a standard CMYK image and a supporting Sculpted UV™ Mask file to produce this innovative controlled textured print that will ‘wow’ clients and viewers alike!


The Sculpted UV™ technique is produced through a unique digital printing process that precisely registers a clear, multi-level, sculptedpolymer to images and graphics in printed materials. As a result, marketing, point of sale, packaging and promotional materials are printed with life-like sensory perception enticing the user to reach out and feel the texture and enjoy an engaging, tactile experience. For example, a printed image of a basketball would have dimples, pebbling and grooves on it, mimicking the feel of a real basketball.

Key features of the Sculpted UV™ process include sheet sizes up to 20″x42″ with thicknesses to 25 points, full variable data capabilities and an on-board camera system that ensures pinpoint registration to printed pages. Sculpted UV™ can be applied directly onto most digital or offset print with no lamination required. Adding to the forward-thinking nature of the Sculpted UV™ technology, the digital press and associated process are environmentally-friendly. The Sculpted UV™ process requires no plates, minimum electricity usage, contains no polluting additives, and results in virtually no printing waste.

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File Tips & Tricks

With any printing methods and technology, professionals start to create “best practice” notes and recommendations. Below are some file tips and tricks that our designers have come to know as what seems to work the best! Want to create your own SculptedUV™ Mask? Start Here!

Got some file tips and tricks of your own? We would love to add it to our list as a resource for other “Sculptors”! Share your insight Here!

Do not use small type. Keep type size a minimum of 18-20 pt size.
Watch Yourself! Keep SculptedUV™ Mask 1/16″ away from creases, folds, scores and trim edges.
It’s all about image! Use high resolution images (200 dpi or higher) that will help the realism of the SculptedUV™ finish!
Imagine the Possibilities! Use images that lend itself to texture and patterns and shapes and lines.
Blind Printing. Sometimes, SculptedUV™ does not have to line up with your print. “Blind” print your logo or design element.

Examples on how others have used the attention grabbing WOW factor of SculptedUV™!



Creating a SculptedUV™ mask is fun and easy, and the results will astonish! Download the “How To” .pdf’s below to get started! For additional questions, please contact us through our Contact Form.

 130238_SculptedUVHowToPShop_v2.inddHow to Create a
SculptedUV™ Mask in
Adobe PhotoshopDownload .pdf
130238_SculptedUVHowToVector_v2.inddHow to Create a
SculptedUV™ Mask in
Adobe Illustrator
and InDesignDownload .pdf


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